D&D4E: The Rise of an Empire

Screaming For Vengeance

After several days spent with the refugees, Content Not Found: donnar_ thanks the party for all of their assistance over the past few days, however he must ask that they continue on their way (mostly due to Content Not Found: frug_ and his unsettling and crude habits.) Content Not Found: donnar provides access to subterranean tunnels that would lead through the heart of the mountain and into the catacombs in the city below.

Content Not Found: ymiron knew that the city ahead possessed one of the biggest, well-preserved libraries in human kingdom and that the library likely possessed valuable information that may prove invaluable to raising his army.

Traveling through the tunnels, the party encountered a trio of trolls. Content Not Found: ymiron_ attempted to barter with them offering them food (weasels from the bag of endless weasels liberated from _Content Not Found: gosplat) attempting to gain both safe passage and a chance to call upon them later during his war. The Trolls seemed to quickly grow confused and decided to attack ‘The Bringer of Weasels.’

Content Not Found: thorren_‘s fiery throwing hammer quickly trivialized the Giant’s regenerative properties, and the other two quickly surrendered and demanded the adventurers leave. _Content Not Found: ymiron ahem availed himself of the troll female before they continued down the tunnels, stopping once to scare the following trolls back to their lair.

The lower part of the tunnel began to ring with familiarity in Content Not Found: ymiron_’s mind, it was a place of fierce battle no more than a month ago. The tunnel was reinforced with fortifications set to protect from attackers from the city exit of the caves, the shoddy fortifications were very obviously built by primal and supply-limited non-humans, further inspection noted the enchanted rings set in the walls and _Content Not Found: ymiron suddenly realized that the familiarity came from the fact that this was a slave mine, one very similar to the one he escaped some weeks before, that too was guarded magic-dominated troll guards. Presumably their was another slave rebellion, perhaps one that happens the same time as his own. curiouser and curiouser.

Making their way closer down the tunnels, the mine suddenly opened into the communal slave-den, where the sleep-cells carved into the walls was the resting place of a massacre. Every slave was burned alive within their cell by magic. With each and every body searched, and victim discovered, Content Not Found: ymiron_ and Content Not Found: thorren_’s anger grew. Before long Content Not Found: ymiron was stalking down the tunnel towards the barracks that inevitably capped the mine, bloodlust and fury boiling within him.

Lightning crackled and danced upon his stone-like flesh as he assumed the form of mountain’s thunder, feeling Kord’s blessing upon him. The heavy wooden and steel double doors couldn’t hope to contain his fury and with almost contemptuous ease Content Not Found: ymiron_ dashed them open with a reverberating slam, striding into the barracks main room where several soldiers ate and caroused, before they could react _Content Not Found: ymiron had smashed the table directly in front of him to kindling.

I am Ymiron, Son of Kord. The Thunderbringer. I bring justice and vengeance amongst you!

And then he was amongst them a silent murder machine, coldly striking down the wicked.


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